Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnets

Central Pet

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The Algae Cleaning Magnets are an easy solution to effectively remove algae from all sides of the aquarium. The bottom-weighted scrubber falls straight down after separation. The bowed bottom weight allows the scrub pad to rest above the gravel for easy retrieval while reducing the risk of scratching the aquarium walls. No need to throw out the entire magnet cleaner when pads become worn down. Simply click a new pad on to the magnet for quick and easy replacement. For either glass or acrylic aquarium use.

• Remove unsightly algae from aquarium walls
• Magnet makes it easy to clean the inside of the aquariums from the outside
• Weighted scrubber will not float away!
• Scrubber falls straight down if separated from magnet for easy retrieval
• Glass and acrylic scrubber pads available